Targeted Marketing

We will market your property individually on its own merits and attributes.

At Aussie Lifestyle Properties we know and use the power of marketing on-line. We have a strong internet presence ourselves and we are registered users of the most successful real estate internet companies.

We boost this with a long-term, permanent presence in town, and endeavour to staff our office 6 days/week, with availability on the 7th by appointment.

On this very solid base, Aussie Lifestyle Properties also acknowledges the distinct individuality of everyone’s property, and we seek to personalise every property description to attract the right buyer/s.

We also endeavour to understand our buyer/s needs and wants, in detail. We develop a relationship with our clients on both sides of any business transaction, in order to better match our clients to properties - when buying, or renting.

Our attention to these details and our extensive database ensures we match properties and buyers quickly, without the need to “shop around”.

All our clients can feel confident in their relationship with Aussie Lifestyle Properties because we are registered REIQ members, and this ensures we are kept up-to-date with any legislative requirements in our industry with our team attending regular courses.